2015-08-04 23.10.30-1Tukabear Treats are a healthy way to bond with your pet.

Tukabear Treats for dogs & cats are made in small batches using a precise method called freeze drying which is the most nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditionally-made pet treats.

Freeze drying can be traced back to ancient times in Peru when the Incas stored food in the Machu-Picchu Mountains. At high altitudes, the food was frozen and because of the lower air pressure, the water in the food evaporated, thus preserving the food.

Tukabear Treats are made with simple certified all-natural, free-range & organic US-sourced raw ingredients which are not only perfect for all breeds of dogs & cats, but also pets with a sensitive stomach, allergies, and those that have a special diet. Our yummy grain-free treats are freeze dried to “lock-in” nutrients, yet not compromise taste, contributing to a healthier all around life. They only contain pure, fresh whole food ingredients which means optimal nutritional absorption for your pet – resulting in a fuller shinier coat. Plus, no “chemical” additives or “natural” preservatives are added to extend the shelf life of our treats, so you can enjoy them broken apart into small training pieces for your pets over an extended amount of time. Each bag of Tukabear Treats has a zipper closure which keeps them fresh and delicious! Order a few bags here today!

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Erin, Dean & Vegas (aka Tukabear)

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