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Ask the Expert: Memphis Dog Trainer Jacque BoNéy

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This year’s Memphis Pet Expo allowed Tukabear Treats the opportunity to connect with other Memphis animal lovers and pawtner businesses. Jacque BoNéy with Barking Pals Consulting was one of them. Jacque is an expert dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. We are excited to share this Q & A we recently had with him!
1. What is the secret to your success with pets and how have you gotten to where you are today?
I’m not sure if it’s a secret, but dogs have literally been a part of my existence since day one. I often joke about how my 1st word as a baby, probably was “dog.” My father trained for 40+ years in the Mid-South, and I can appreciate that he never forced me to follow in his steps, which has enabled me to evolve naturally as the trainer, while genuinely loving the art of dog training. In addition adapting to and embracing new methods of training, while retaining the fundamentals, has enabled me to remain relevant, while also enhancing my “arsenal” of offerings so to speak.

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2. What is it about dogs that you love?
This is hard, as there are so many things that I love about dogs. But loyalty comes to mind. Dogs look past the bad day you may have had, or the lessened attention that they may have gotten from you a week ago, still showing unwavering admiration for you as their “two legged” leader. When a proper pack order has been established, they trust you in an unwavering manner, so much so that they’ll exhaust every ounce of energy to please you, be it in training such as obedience, or in protecting.

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3. What are a couple of the toughest bad habits or behaviors to re-train and can you tell us why?
As humans, we operate under what can be considered as a primal structure, whereas dogs are pack animals. We don’t understand how packs operate or how pack alphas are created. So we interpret puppies demanding attention as acceptable, small dogs nipping & showing aggression as cute, and dogs jumping on furniture as the norm. The problem is that when those behaviors become more severe, such as that dog on the furniture growling when you instruct him to get off, or that cute pup which is now a dog, snapping at you when he doesn’t get the attention he demands, we are at a loss as to how what was seemingly harmless has become detrimental to our family. We’ve allowed that dog to take an alpha role, inadvertently.
So the most difficult factor in training or re-training isn’t necessary specific to the dog, it’s more so training the humans how to understand and respond to pack behavior, establishing an alpha role and retaining order within the home.
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4. I’m sure training dogs of all sizes you’ve had a number of laughable situations. What has been the most memorable?
My most memorable experience would have to be training a miniature poodle to do personal protection work. Typically, bite work and personal protection are dominated by dogs in the working and sometimes herding groups, but to train a miniature poodle to excel in a working dog sport, one that stays groomed with the “poodle show cut,” was absolutely amusing, to myself and other clients who trained in my working dog class. Yes, she was cute, and looked dainty, but she had plenty of attitude, and could back up her bark with a bite!
5. What is exciting and new in dog training? Where do you see the pet training industry going?
This may sound cliché, but dogs are extremely intelligent. The factor that I am most exited about extends beyond the obedience, protection, agility, & conformation realms. Yes we’re used to hounds tracking scents, German Shepherds & Belgian Malinois sniffing out narcotics or explosives, but we’re moving into a reality where dogs are able to do certain jobs in 10 minutes, that once took detectives hours, if not days. Dogs are now being trained to sniff out electronic devices used in cyber crimes based on certain chemicals, human and other animal diseases at a speed & proficiency over and beyond traditional medical procedures, and water pollution. So from my perspective, I’m anticipating the profound new discovery that dogs will be credited with, all from motivation, focus, and great training and / or trainers!
6. Do you practice reward-based training? If so, what kind of training treat would you recommend for your dog?
Yes, reward based training is one method that I utilize as teach in our obedience training program. In previous instances, Zukes natural training treats were my “go to” for reward based training. However, upon using Tukabear free range freeze-dried Chicken Treats, they quickly became a crowd favorite amongst my pack and some of my clients!
 7. How can people find out more about you and your business?
Jacque BoNéy, Barking Pals Consulting
Feel free to visit my website
Or on facebook and YouTube
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The Fast & The Furriest 10-17-15

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Mark your calendars for this year’s The Fast & The Furriest Presented by Hollywood Feed & The Memphis Humane Society! Tukabear Treats will be a participating vendor so we are looking forward to seeing everyone the day of the race!

Be sure to sign up for the race here. Details from the official website are also listed below.

Length: 5K (3.1 Mile) Run and Walk
Plus a NEW One-Mile Walk

Location: Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County
935 Farm Road (just south of Mullins Station near Shelby Farms)
Accurate timing and race results will be provided by the Memphis Runners Track Club.
The Fast and the Furriest 5K Run/Walk presented by Hollywood Feed is a DOG-FRIENDLY 3.1 mile run/walk event benefiting the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County. 
This year we’re also offering a non-competitive one-mile fun walk so that people and dogs of all ability levels can participate!
The Fast & The Furriest is one of the only dog-friendly races in Memphis. Leashed, friendly dogs are not only welcome, we even award the fastest (and the furriest of course)!
This event features a flat course in the area around the Humane Society friendly for running, walking, and strollers.
The 2015 5K will include a chip start and chip finish with two heats: The first heat will be for runners without dogs, the second will be for those WITH dogs. The awards will be based on fastest net/chip time so you don’t have to start in the first heat to be considered for overall/age group awards.
Please clean up after your furry friend as necessary.
Join us for a fun post-race celebration that the entire family can enjoy with food from Colletta’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Humdingers, beer, music, and fun! You can also meet and play with some of our adoptable pets!
Food, beverages, door prizes, and other goodies are available to all 5K and one-miler participants.


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